Tooling with precision

We design and manufacture all types of injection moulds and fixtures. With the company's expertise and unique approach, the result is always high quality in both surfaces and the tolerances of the moulds and tools.

Injection moulding tool option 1:

The moulds are manufactured in aluminum for use as a prototype series or alternative pre-series. This method is calculated, depending on the material to meet approximately 50 000 injections. A surface coated mould can in some cases meet up to 100 000 injections.
The method is very cost effective as it usually is about 1 / 3 part of the cost of a conventional steel mould.

Injection moulding tool option 2:

The moulds are manufactured in steel and by request also hardened. These moulds are for production purposes.
This option is also more cost effective than the traditional injectionmoulding manufacturing.

Injection molding:

Together with a partner we have access to a modern machine park consisting of 9 injection moulding machines in sizes of 30-350 tons, capable product weights up to 400g. One of these is a 2K machine, and two are equipped with robotic cells and vision systems.
We inject of all types of thermoplastic resins and elastomers. We also offer our customers advice on the choice of material and design optimizations (adjustment of the part for injection molding).



In our workshop we perform 5-axis (3+2) milling. We process materials such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc, titanium, steel (also hardened to 68 HRC), plastics and various composite materials.
We are known to work with highly complex details.


Manufacturing of carbon fiber products by vacuum injection. We use this method instead of hand-lamination as it is both faster and results in a higher finish on surfaces.


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